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ISA-11:9 ...for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.

 To help us to continue to build Bible Studies and Share Gods Word around the world 24 hours a day.

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05 KJV Bible Memorization Verses
VOC-51 Audio MP3 Bible Memory Verse Files - KJV Bible - 75 hours - 31,000 verse files - (1) data DVD disk  


VOC-65 MP3 Memory Verses on CD
VOC-66 Audio Memorization of KJV Bible Word Studies MP3 on data 19 DVDs VOC-67 Memory Devotional KJV Bible Verses 366 Daily Audio Verse 35,000 files on data 2 DVD
VOC-68 Memory Devotional KJV Bible Verses 366 Daily Audio Verse files on 8 CD VOC-69 90 Day Audio KJV Memory Verse Devotions on data DVD

VOC-70 90 Day Audio Memory KJV Bible Verses MP3 on CD



VOC-71 Ultimate MP3 Memory Verse set: KJV Bible, 366 Day and 90 Day Devotions on data DVD





VOC-72 MP4 Memory Verse Bible, 366 Devotions, 90 day Devotions on data DVD



VOC-73 Memory Verse Word Studies MP4 Format on data DVD
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