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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q: Hi I received the KJV Holy Bible today on DVD. It is in the MP3 format, and it does not play on my DVD player hooked to my TV.


A:  These MP3 files can be copied from your computer to your MP3 Player or burned onto CD for listening on your CD mp3 player or DVD player. + Most newer DVDís will play MP3 files only if they are on a CD which we have available to purchase as a different product. So all you have to do is copy the DVD with your computer over to CD to listen to it on your DVD home player. With the Computer you can listen to MP3 directly from your DVD. We also have the Bible on 1 DVD Disk for your DVD Video player that would give you the complete KJV Audio Bible to use on your home DVD player


Q: Does this DVD work if I want to use it not in my computer or my DVD player, but in the car MP3 player.


A:  These will have to be transferred from DVD on the computer to CD for your car CD MP3 player to use them. If you have a Car DVD player check out the DVD Audio Bible on 1 DVD Disk.


Q: Would you happen to know if there are menus on the DVDís, so you can go to a curtain chapter/verse?


A: The first menu that shows the choices for Books then after selecting this menu you can select which chapter you want to listen to. Yes as the Developer of this product I was able to have it be able to navigate to any chapter you want using the four arrow keys on your DVD remote and to go forward or backward one chapter at a time. I do not know of any way with the current DVD technology to be able to do that at the verse level. Each menu you can only have 99 choices below it so there are too many verses to try it that way.


Q: What is the price to ship to Canada?


A:  Shipping is the same as we have for the US. 2.95 for the first item and then $1.50 for each additional item.


Q:  How much is the shipping cost to overseas locations?

A: From inputting the weight for Postal Delivery to overseas it should be from $6.95 to $9.95 depending on how we want it packaged. What I can do is to not use a DVD Case but use sleeves on the DVD's and it will be better for postage for you.


Q:  Is this recording dramatized? I have listened to samples of dramatized versions & I really like them. The multiple voices makes it very interesting.


A:  Sorry it is not dramatized but we are working on a version with music softly in the background.


Q: Is the the complete Bible on CD and can you play these Cdís in the car.


 A: Yes this is the complete Bible on CD. These should work on any MP3 compatible CD player for your car or home.


Q:  I need a program that has an audio KJV Bible plus can read along with text on screen with my computer PC is that what this is.


A: Yes this is the complete New Testament with KJV text on the screen synchronized with the reading of the audio at the same time. This will play on any DVD Video player or a Computer DVD Player. We have the complete Bible on 28 DVD's also in our listing.


Q: Can you play this on any DVD player at home or is it only for PC. Also does it have background music and is it narrated.


A: Yes this will play on any DVD player as these are in DVD Video format. No it does not have any background music at this time


Q: Are these easy to navigate on the TV screen.


A:  You have to choose with the right arrow key on a computer or with a DVD Player on TV use the right navigation to see the next ten books of each disk. Each 10 books make up an Album and then you have to use the arrow to choose the next album. Disk 1 has 2 albums and Disk 2 has 5 albums to choose which book you want to listen to. After you choose a book then you choose a chapter the same way by right arrow to got to the next ten chapters and then using the enter key to accept your selection.


Q: Is this a complete Bible with the Old and New Testament on CD.

 Yes this is a complete Bible in MP3 format and you must have a MP3 compatible CD player to use them. These files can be copied from your computer over to a MP3 player that uses memory cards or HD to work. I do have the complete Bible that will work on a DVD Player if that is what you need for TV.


Q:  Hello! Please add an audio clip sample of the narration so that buyers would know what they're getting. I got a narration of someone else with very annoying narration and will get rid of it and get another with a voice/narrator that I like!

A: You can find samples to listen to at by Willard Waggoner.


Q:  I am not real familiar with how MP3's work. But will the CD's work with a regular CD player?


A: MP3 will work only on a MP3 compatible CD player or a solid state MP3 player. It would take 70plus regular CD's if they were not in MP3 format. This makes it less expensive to get to you and the sound is very close to the original CD. MP3 files are compressed audio that is encoded in 128kbps to be a high quality stereo signal.



Q: What is the major difference other than having 4 DVD's and 2 CD's on the Surround Sound sets?


A: Great question. The 2 disk set is encoded at 224kbps and the 4 disk set is encoded at 448kbps so the 4 disk set is much closer to the original digital recordings. Should have deeper bases and sharper trebles for working with a sound system that you like to enjoy the max quality they do both sound great. The 4 disk set is for the person who wants the most out of their stereo system. If these were on DVD in Digital WAV format it would be on 12 DVDs.


Q: Hello I just wanted to make sure that this is an audio MP3 CD. Meaning I can listen to the bible rather than read it?


A: Yes this is straight MP3 files encoded in stereo at 128kbps so it should work fine for you. These are standard file format for MP3 files.


Q: Hi. Does the complete text of the Scriptures that is being read appear on screen while the narration is going on? From what I can tell, it only shows book and chapter


A: This one Audio disk product only has 68 photos with no text while being read. We do have products on with the text on the screen that is synchronized with the reading but the complete Bible is on 28 DVDs. These are DVD Video format with 80 hours of video.


Q: Do you have any other version beside the KJV.


A: No we do not some of these products are very unique and took years to develop and other versions may be a choice later to do but at this time the KJV is where all the development time was put.


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