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VOC-11 5.1 Surround Sound KJV Bible - 75 hours (4) Video DVD disks




Free Audio Sample of John Ch 3.mp3 4.3 meg

Press to play a audio sample for John Chapter 03 the start of a new beginning for your life.

John Chapter 03

  • These audio recordings are copyrighted and eBibleProductions has a signed license from the copyright owner to sell these recordings of the KJV Bible which are recordings by Willard Waggoner (former missionary to India)

            Complete Audio KJV Bible on 4 DVD video disks in 5.1 Surround Sound for quality audio playback on your home Surround Sound system.

            Contains the complete audio recordings for the Old and New Testament KJV Bible

            Listen to this Complete KJV Bible Audio while 67 beautiful nature photos display on your screen.

            Total of 75 Hours of Dolby Digital Sound in 5.1 Surround Sound formatting at 448kbps

            User friendly navigation where you can choose whatever chapter of the Bible you want to listen to or go back and start the chapter where you left off

    •If you enjoy Nature photography then this is the source to enjoy it on your TV at the same time hear Gods Word being read at the same time. Makes a wonderful gift for shut-ins, elderly, disabled and any one who wants to listen to God’s Word on their TV with a DVD player This is unique technology and is presenting the Gospel in a way it has never been presented before to reach our video generation. You can now Hear God speak to you daily as you listen to this while you’re are working around the house or driving.

    •Format: Listen to the this audio KJV Bible on your portable DVD player while you drive

    •Media: Recorded on 4 DVD Video Disks for your Video Player, we have been able to fit the entire Audio Bible on to 4 DVD Video Disks

    •Technology: Mastered to work on your DVD Video player or computer DVD player. Recorded in a Professional Studio for 100% DIGITAL Quality sound

 Item Name: 5.1 Surround Sound KJV Bible - 75 hours (4) Video DVD disks
Item Number: VOC-11
Price: $19.95

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