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VOC-57 New Believer KJV Bible Audio / Video Media Gift Set

Free download of 2nd John WMV (5.5 Meg)

Free Sample download of 2nd John screensaver exe (8 meg).

Press to play a audio sample for John Chapter 03 the start of a new beginning for your life.

John Chapter 03

  • These audio recordings are copyrighted and eBibleProductions has a signed license from the copyright owner to sell these recordings of the KJV Bible which are recordings by Willard Waggoner (former missionary to India).

  • Audio / Video Media Set Includes: Book of John on DVD Video & CD Audio, MP3 KJV Bible in Chapter Files,  iPod Bible Daily Devotions ,  90 Daily Devotions, KJV Bible on DVD Video, Complete New Testament in Surround Sound DVD Video.

  •  DVD Data Disk Files need to be copied with a Windows Computer DVD  Player  over to a MP3 Player or  by using a CD burner to burn to a CD.

  • 466+ hours of audio recordings of God's Word.

  • 366 Daily Bible Devotions are in 15 minute segments which will help you listen to the whole Bible by the end of the year.

  • 366 Daily Devotions consist of readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and Words of Jesus.

  • 75 total hours for the DVD Video Bible of Audio on (1) DVD video disk

  • 86.25 hours of Audio for the Daily Devotionals and 75 Hours for the Bible Books encoded directly from Master WAV Files.

  • 90 Day Audio Devotions consists of (90) 50 minute audio devotions which will allow you to accomplish reading the whole Bible in 90 days.

  • With a beautiful, pleasant, voice that shut-ins and the elderly may also enjoy hearing these Daily Devotions on iPod.

  • Complete Audio KJV Bible in M4A Format on one DVD Disk with Chapter File and Book File formats.

  • Formatted for full stereo Higher Quality than other competitor's product on (1) or (2) CD's MP3 Bibles

  • Listen to this Bible as you travel using an any CD car stereo or while using a portable CD player

  • Listen to this Complete KJV Bible Audio while 67 beautiful nature photos display on your screen.

  • Listen to this MP3 Bible as you travel using an MP3 compatible car stereo or while using a portable CD MP3 player

  • M4A files can be copied from your computer to your IPod or use iTunes to listen to them. 

  • Mastered to work on your DVD Video player or computer DVD player.

  • Masters Recorded in a Professional Studio for 100% DIGITAL Quality

  • MP3 files can also be transferred from your PC to your flash memory MP3 player, your IPod player or on a CD MP3 player.

  • MP4 366 Daily and 90 Day Bible Devotions can be heard using an MP4 compatible car stereo or using a portable CD MP4 player.

  • Once on CD you can choose to listen to them on a MP3 compatible CD Player or you can play these on DVD players that are MP3 compatible

  • These are encoded at 1440kbps from WAV Masters

  • The Complete KJV Bible in MP3 files are encoded at 128kbps from WAV Masters

  • This is unique technology and is presenting the Gospel in a way it has never been presented before to reach our video generation.

  • This KJV MP4 Audio in M4A Format is ready for IPod, RealPlayer 10.5, iTunes, WinAmp 5.07 IPod and ITunes KJV Bible in M4A format on DVD.

  • User friendly access with the complete Bible on (1) DVD data disk with chapter files in book folders for these audio MP3 files

  • User friendly navigation where you can choose whatever chapter of the Bible you want to listen to or go back and start the chapter where you left off

  • Vibrant full color nature photos displayed on your screen while you listen to God's Word.

Item Name: New Believer KJV Bible Audio / Video Media Gift Set

Item Number: VOC-57
Price: $39.95

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